Winter Solstice is a magical time of year, with holidays in motion everyone can’t help but be merry and bright. Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year- so that can mean hibernation for lots of people. But it can also mean getting ready for the new year and with that. it ushers in new opportunities and soul craving experiences.


With fragrant pine and evergreen to symbolize the time of year, Selenite is the ideal stone to add to this wintry bundle. Hold on to the lessons and the values 2020 gave us and move forward with optimism and positivity for what 2021 has in store for us! 


Winter Solstice Bundle

  • Stones and sage are subject to change, since these bundles are handmade.

    Every stone is cleared and charged and added to the bundle with love and intention.

  • Clearing and Charging Crystals/Stones

    To Clear Stones: Place them in the sunlight for an hour or burn sage or palo santo through stones.

    To Charge Stones: Place stones in the full moon or new moon overnight.

    Set intention with stone(s)- "I am..." 


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