This Root Chakra Sage Bundle with Red Jasper is the perfect set to help work on your Root Chakra. 


Root Chakra represents stability, shelter and feeling safe.


Without a properly functioning Root Chakra it is hard to be grounded and emotionally balanced. 


Red Jasper is a powerful stone to work with the first chakra point. It will help balance, heal and help you move forward in understanding that you're worthy to have whatever you want, regardless your situation. 


Red Carnations compliments the sage to help further represent in honoring your true self. Feeling safe to speak your truth and be your true self is also connected to the Root Chakra.

Root Chakra Sage Bundle w/Red Jasper

  • Clearing and Charging Crystals/Stones


    To Clear Stones: Place them in the sunlight for an hour or burn sage or palo santo through stones.


    To Charge Stones: Place stones in the full moon or new moon overnight.


    Set intention with stone(s):   "I am..."