The Palo Santo Bundle with Orange Calcite is a great bundle to use this time of year. With the lavender and the grain representing abundance and the orange calcite focusing on the solar plexus, the chakra representing speaking your truth, this is the time to start any new creative ventures that you have been prolonging. 


Do you know a creative friend that can't seem to finish any creative project that she starts? or is a bit scattered on what to do next? This is an ideal gift for a creative soul.




Palo Santo is a powerful air and energy purifier- a must have when it comes to setting intentions. 


The lavender helps create a soothing atmosphere to help establish boundaries within oneself to move forward with setting intentions.


The grain is symbolic to the harvesting the abundance from all the seeds of starting something new and now it's turned fruition.


Orange Calcite is the stone to help balance your solar plexus chakra- this is the part of creativity and self confidence. This stone represents this time of year to me. Moving forward to the next stage of your life.

Palo Santo with Orange Calcite Bundle

  • Stones and sage are subject to change, since these bundles are handmade.

    Every stone is cleared and charged and added to the bundle with love and intention.

  • Clearing and Charging Crystals/Stones

    To Clear Stones: Place them in the sunlight for an hour or burn sage or palo santo through stones.

    To Charge Stones: Place stones in the full moon or new moon overnight.

    Set intention with stone(s)- "I am..."