Properties of Amethyst - Helps with nightmares, taps into psychic powers also the third eye, helps with migraines.



Color Therapy - Transformation and healing are mainly what is experienced with the colors violet or purple. Angels and psychic abilities gain momentum when surrounded by this color. 



Feng Shui - Placing amethyst on a desk helps with studying and learning. Amethyst also helps with diffusing tension between people in an area where arguments commonly occur.


Amethyst Cluster 4

  • Clearing and Charging Crystals/Stones


    To Clear Stones: Place them in the sunlight for an hour or burn sage or palo santo through stones.


    To Charge Stones: Place stones in the full moon or new moon overnight.


    Set intention with stone(s):  "I am..." 

  • 2in x 2.25in