The abundance crystal set is always the go to during the renewal seasons- Spring and Fall. These stones belong with you everywhere you go. Moving forward and continuing with any existing or new ventures, it’s important to set the intention and to always stay present in achieving your goals and these stones will help achieve that. 


Tiger’s eye- attracts abundance, brings good luck and prosperity, also helps manifest ideas into reality.


Aventurine- a good luck stone, a great stone to have laying around if you have a store/place of business. Works best with citrine.


Citrine- Attracts abundance, great stone for success and wealth.


Clear Quartz- Known to be the “universal stone” and magnifies the power of each stone in its presence. 


Abundance Crystal Set

  • Every stone is cleared and charged and added to the set with love and intention

  • Clearing and Charging Crystals/Stones

    To Clear Stones: Place them in the sunlight for an hour or burn sage or palo santo through stones.

    To Charge Stones: Place stones in the full moon or new moon overnight.

    Set intention with stone(s)- "I am..."