• Elle L Ranallo

What is the Throat Chakra? Healing with  Meditations, Crystals and Color Therapy

The Throat Chakra is the 5th chakra that is all about communication. Our communication style is based on the emotional status of the Throat Chakra. Some may have an underactive chakra, where one can't communicate their needs and wants regularly. On the otherhand, an overactive chakra is someone that has more of an aggressive nature who is talking at you than to you.

Everyone's god- given right is to be able to communicate their truth and people shouldn't take that for granted nor take advantage of it.

Like everything else, the goal is to achieve a happy medium.

Here are the following throat chakra stones that will help you find your voice and help with your communication game...

Sodalite- ​This overall self- accepting stone ​helps with objective decision making in a conflict, brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It also promotes self- esteem, self acceptance and self worth.

Kyanite-​ This is the ​ideal stone for performers and public speakers, this stone aids in communication with the angelic realm and brings tranquility to everyone that carries it.

Celestite- This beautiful blue stone will open and encourage all communications between you and your spirit guides. This stone also helps become more clear with your intentions, so that they can manifest rapidly, with the help of your guides.

Meditations and Color Therapy

This shouldn’t come to any surprise to you but this old childhood past time is one to revisit. Staring up at a blue sky. The light blue color will ease you right into daydreaming. When daydreaming, that is when your soul’s desires speak to you as well as receiving intuitive messages from your guides to encourage you to voice your truth.

Putting yourself around blue colored surroundings- wearing lots of blue, swimming in the ocean and poolside will activate your throat chakra.

Eating lots of blueberries and incorporating it into lots of other dishes will help create a balanced throat chakra.

At Blue Violet and Peony here, we just love the Medical Medium's Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie that contains loads blueberries and other good stuff. It helps remove toxins from the thyroid that can also affect the Throat Chakra.

A full functioning throat chakra is vital for living a life true to you and your desires. If it’s blocked, using throat chakra stones and actively meditating as well as incorporating color therapy can help this chakra get back to functioning at its best.

Share with us in the comments section below other ways you find helpful to balance the Throat Chakra!

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