• Elle L Ranallo

What is the Root Chakra? Healing with Meditations, Crystals and Color Therapy

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The Root Chakra is the first chakra. It is positioned right at the bottom of the spine and is the closest chakra to the ground. You may have heard a little about this important chakra, as its importance navigates our decisions emotionally and physically. If you notice that certain areas of your life concerning relationships and your livelihood haven't always been exactly stable, it's a good time to take a look at your Root Chakra.

This particular chakra is about feeling safe and stable in your life. In order for you to feel safe and stable that will put you in the fast track lane to reaching the other chakras, that will encompass your whole being altogether for growth. If you're not feeling safe as a whole in your life, that eventually leads to fear. You consistenly fear that you can't trust anybody, you only go for certain jobs that make you feel safe but you have no desire to be in and when it comes to social aspects, you change your beliefs and behaviors just to fit in.

A full functioning Root Chakra is when you feel safe, stable, fearless and emotional needs are met.

The end goal: you feel safe enough to be your true self.

Unfortunately, this is something that a lot more people struggle with, than they care to admit. With social media and the media advocating a campaign for everyone to be themselves, I feel like this is farthest from the truth- more and more people are actually not being themselves and feel afraid to for the sake of being judged.

If you're looking to work on your Root Chakra, read on...

Root Chakra Stones:

Red Jasper- Dates back to biblical times and native americans that believed the stone represented life. Commonly used as a grounding stone in all areas of life and mostly used for Root Chakra healing.

Garnet- It strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope. Draws out negative energy and helps heal and purify the body.

Fire Quartz- Promotes balance and stability and its strong energy transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Color Therapy: Red

To promote a healthy Root Chakra, color therapy is very effective. One of the color therapy exercises that are common are sitting in a quiet place and visualizing the color red. It could be thinking of the name itself, the taste of a red apple, the smell of a rose. Begin to notice what comes to mind.

If you're looking for immediate healing, I suggest eating all kinds of red fruits and vegetables. Especially root vegetables like beets and radishes.

Incorporate the color red in your wardrobe.

Place red flowers in each room around in your home.

You will notice immediate changes with just a couple of these exercises.

Root Chakra Meditations:

Meditation should be a part of everyone's morning ritual. I tend to think its most effective in the morning, to set the intention of the day. Here are a couple of suggestions to

help jumpstart balancing your Root Chakra.

When it comes to any type of chakra meditation- always have the corresponding stone in hand or place it on the chakra point on the body.

You can do this meditation in two ways-

Grab your root chakra stone of choice and sit down, legs crossed. Imagining roots stemming from the bottom of your spine and growing into the ground. Keep visualizing the roots growing deeper and deeper as you find yourself one with the earth.

For this one, lay down on a yoga mat or on your bed. Place the stone on your Root Chakra. Calm your mind. Begin to visualize roots growing from your feet and watch them grow deeper and deeper into the ground. By the end of this meditation, don't be surprised if red color pops up in your mind's eye.

This is the first of the Blue Violet Peony Chakra series and we hope you follow us along in these exercises.

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