• Elle L Ranallo

What is the Crown Chakra? Healing with Meditations, Crystals and Color Therapy

Continuing on with our chakra series, in this article we’re going to talk all about the crown chakra: what it is, what it represents, and how to heal an imbalanced crown chakra through stones*, meditations, and color therapy.

The crown chakra, or Sahasrara, is the seventh chakra. As the name suggests, the crown chakra is positioned right at the crown of our heads, right above the third eye chakra. It is positioned between our physical body, our mind and soul, and the universe.

Because of its position, the crown chakra is all about reaching into our consciousness as well as reaching higher states of consciousness. A full functioning crown chakra allows you to get in touch with not only the higher consciousness but with the universal as well. It allows us to transcend and let go of limitations and limiting beliefs.

Pretty amazing, right? Who wouldn’t want to reach higher states of consciousness in order to transcend to an enlightened state of being?

But not everyone is able to do so. In fact, those with an imbalanced or blocked crown chakra will have trouble transcending and reaching higher states of consciousness.

An imbalanced crown chakra can show up as being disconnected with higher states of consciousness, being disconnected with the body, being close minded, and being critical of the idea of higher consciousness. An overactive crown chakra specifically manifests as being disconnected with the body.

Everyone deserves to know how transformative it can be to connect to higher consciousness and transcend without limiting beliefs.

If you found yourself nodding to the imbalanced crown chakra signs, know that you are not alone. There are others who find their crown chakras underactive or overactive but there are ways to heal it.

In this article, we’re going to share how to heal your crown chakras so keep on reading!

Selenite- This popular stone assists in deep peace and achieves peace of mind. It also shields a person or place from outside influences. Selenite is excellent for all types of spiritual work and helps connect with spirit guides, celestial beings and your higher self.

Peach Moonstone- Moonstone helps with connecting to the angelic realm to understand your life purpose. It’s also connected to the moon cycle, this peachy stone represents every kind of new beginnings. This stone will also help further activate your intuition and encourage you to make intuitive choices.

Clear Quartz- This universal stone brings the entire body into balance and helps to align all the chakras to create perfect harmony. When paired with other stones, Clear quartz magnifies the stones healing properties. Working with the Crown Chakra this stone will also help with psychic abilities.


This meditation is a wonderful visual exercise to connect to your guides to receive the necessary messages that you're consciously or subconsciously thinking, concerned or wondering about.

Sit in the meditation position and start visualizing a beam of light coming down on the top of your head, also known as the crown chakra. You can take the next step by also visualizing your angels around the light to protect you from only receiving messages of light. You will start feeling a light pressure on the crown chakra and a warm tingly feeling all over. A very easy and helpful higher chakra meditation.

Color Therapy

Purple and white colors are associated with the Crown Chakra. These colors are great to wear in clothing and since we are a big believer in flowers, we highly suggest a bouquet of flowers in both colors placed all around the house to invoke the crown chakra.

As we mentioned previously, the crown chakra is so important, as it is positioned between your physical body, your mind and soul, and the universe. A full functioning crown chakra allows you to reach higher states of consciousness, transcending our limitations and/or limiting beliefs, and also plays a role in getting in touch with the universe as well. If you find your crown chakra imbalanced or blocked, practicing these meditations and color therapy and/or using the stones we mentioned in this article can bring significant healing to the crown chakra. And help your crown chakra return to its full function. Soon you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy and full functioning crown chakra.

Do you have an imbalanced or blocked crown chakra? If so, which of these tips are you excited to try? Share with us by leaving a comment below!

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