• Elle L Ranallo

The Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius 2020

The Strawberry Full Moon is a wonderful time to celebrate the full moon. The warm weather has commenced for all the flowers to bloom and flourish with all its beautiful greenery. I’m a sucker for color ;) Strawberries are prime fruit for the season’s picking.

For this full moon, as I do for all other full moons is set the intention for what you want to achieve. So for this Strawberry Sagittarius Full Moon, I would like to focus on speaking my truth and being unapologetically myself. Because Sagittarians wouldn’t have it any other way.

Manifesting certain qualities that a Sagittarius may embody, such as infamously known to be unapologetically themselves. That is what I always admired about Sagittarians. This is a good time to let go and remove all self- limiting beliefs and obstacles that you may have or have not consciously placed in front of you, so you can move forward in life and become that person that you always wanted to be and start exercising that unapologetic muscle.

To honor this Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius- I will be working with the beautiful stone Labradorite.

Labradorite is widely known as the stone for transformation. Being conscious of changing and putting it into action IS a transformation.

Since Labradorite can deteriorate very easily in salt, for this scrub, we will not be adding it for this time. I suggest leaving it on your desk, kitchen table, next to your computer, night table, wherever you are most, so that you can have it near you to remind yourself to set and continue with your intention for the next 4 weeks.

Place the stones near a window or outside on Friday June 5th at 3:12pm, when the full moon is at its peak.

Sea Salt- 1 cup

Himalayan Salt - ½ cup

Coconut Oil- 1 cup

Young Living Jasmine Essential Oil- 15 to 20 drops

Jasmine oil is ideal to use for this scrub, because Jasmine is known to be empowering and confidence boosting and during this transformation, you can definitely get a bit of extra help from anything.

Use the scrub every other day and visualize all the blocks that have stopped you from being yourself go right down the drain. Salt has been said to help purify your energetic fields and remove any existing negativity surrounding your aura from yourself or from other people. It’s always encouraged to take epsom salt baths for that sort of ritual. I recommend creating a salt body scrub for people looking to achieve the same results without the time and no bathtub necessary. The key is visualize the negativity going down the drain when using it every time with your goal in mind.

Here is a list of affirmations that can help you further:

I am good enough to be myself

It is safe for me to be unapologetically myself

I choose to speak my truth

I love journaling during this auspicious time, you would be surprised how cathartic this simple exercise can be. During times of committed change, answers to questions and messages will pop up in dreams, that’s why I always keep a journal by my bed to write down everything once I wake up.

If you don’t want to commit to the salt scrub, definitely try the other exercises for this fortuitous Strawberry Full Moon.

Share your comments and questions below! Would love to hear some of everyone’s experiences with this powerful full moon!

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