• Elle L Ranallo

Tapping Into Your Sacral Chakra- UPDATED VERSION

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Here we all are, still in quarantine mode and we’ve done the impossible- watched every single series on Netflix.

I feel there is an energetic shift that occurred last week. For the first month everyone was kind of frantic and just didn’t know what to expect from all this- watching tv series after tv series, listening to the media- the fear of what’s happening next, and pacing back and forth. Definitely not good things here. That was the ego not knowing what to do with itself. Holding on to fear and keeping us in a state of panic is part of the ego’s evil genius.

Now after weeks of isolation, we’re forced to face and deal with other things in our lives that our regular lives kept us so distracted to deal with. In fact, we probably didn’t even know about what deeply concerned us till it started rearing it’s little head. But now after a month, the ego has slowly disconnected from our physical beings and there is almost a feeling of calm that I’ve heard a lot of people are now receiving and more people are beginning to look inward.

And here we are...a lot of people are actually starting to look at this as an opportunity to finish something they started, look into something they always wanted to do and go for it. What better time than now, to go after what our soul is singing. This is a global re-birth we're all experiencing.

So now I present to you the Sacral Chakra - the chakra that is all about getting your creativity on. If you are really tapping into unchartered territory here with being creative, you may feel blocked and a bit frustrated. Especially if you don't identify yourself not having a single creative bone in your body.

A fast and easy way to know what your chakra is telling you

To be creative is something that wasn’t necessarily always encouraged, especially in adulthood. Taking on your creative side can aid in so many different forms of healing. Mentally, emotionally and physically. Even if not having enough time in everyone’s busy schedules- it’s imperative to take time for yourself to create that kind of release.

For example, the all time best way to channel into your creativity is to play and act like a child. It lifts your mood from worries and it helps in discovering ways for you to connect to your Sacral Chakra.

What did you do as a child that brought feelings of joy? Coloring, building things, arts and crafts, painting, etc. Mindlessly engaging in one of these activities could help you come up with powerful messages your guides have been patiently waiting to tell you.

Balancing The Sacral Chakra with Orange Calcite

When it comes to healing any chakra, Calcites are known amongst healers and crystal enthusiasts that they work wonders. For the Sacral Chakra- the Orange Calcite will do the trick. This clementine hued gem helps balance any under or over balanced chakra. Once you place this on the second chakra you will immediately begin to feel the healing and lots of color and ideas will come to mind.

Other stones to help with the Sacral Chakra

Sunstone- This is a great stone for someone that tends to have a hard time setting boundaries for themselves. Someone who may feel that they're being taken advantage of and who can't seem to find the word, NO. Sunstone is not only infamous for setting boundaries, it also encourages originality and self empowerment. An incredible stone that helps you stay true to yourself. Not to mention brings good luck and good fortune.

Carnelian- This orange stone is meant to spur some major creative vibes. It is an all encompassing Sacral Chakra stone. Helps boost fertility and stimulates your sexuality to create an overall healthy well- being for yourself. Sometimes we can harbor feelings of resentment, anger and envy when life doesn't go our way. Carnelian helps remove those negative energies and replaces it with a more positive outlook on life.

Tapping into your Sacral Chakra Unconciously

Sometimes when you’re yearning for something or you’re suddenly attracted to certain fruits or flowers that all have that same hue, there is a reason for that. Meanings behind colors and flowers are mirrors of what you’re unconcious already knows and is trying to tell you. Whether you’re intuned or not.

When I sometimes join events and have my crystals laid out- I always say to pick up the stone that attracts or repels that person. Because what attracts is what you’re open to work on and what repels you is what you don’t want to work on, but need to. This ecercise works every time.

For now my Sacral Chakra is looking for some love- I went food shopping and I was suddenly craving Oranges, which I never do and these bouquet of flowers were suddenly jumping out at me. So, I noticed the trend here. It makes sense, considering I’ve been juggling on some other projects and find myself feeling stuck and can’t decide which direction to take, there was some blockage that I needed to take care of.

So I created a little shrine on my night table. A few Orange Calcites and a pair of vibrantly bouquet of Orange flowers to get me started.

Here are a few ideas that have come very handy for my Sacral Chakra seeking friends:

  • Eat lots of orange fruits and vegetables (Clementines, oranges, mandarins, orange peppers, papaya, mango)

  • Wear orange colors or just look at an orange tapestry.

  • Take an orange color bath (if you have a bathtub)

  • Meditate with any orange stone- (Orange calcite, sunstone, carnelian)

  • Looking at orange colored flowers (Yes, that is a form of meditation)

  • Place the Orange Calcite on your Sacral Chakra while laying down and you’ll start to feel some magic happening (This is my personal favorite)

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Share with us how you balance your Sacral Chakra!