• Elle L Ranallo

Summer Solstice Ritual 2020

It’s that time of year again! Summer Solstice has graced us with her presence once again:)

The longest day of the year, so you better get in all that sunlight!

This is a ritual that I just love taking part of and sharing it with friends. The more, the merrier!

What you will need for this ritual

Wreath- from Joann or Michael's

Any kind of type of flower- whatever resonates with you the most

Pieces of paper

Assemble the wreath day of or the day before.

Write on the pieces of paper your wishes, dreams, goals and manifestations and insert them in the wreath. You can never add too many! Go crazy with it.

The night of the Summer Solstice, begin the festivities by starting a fire. After all your guests have contributed to the wreath. Pass the wreath around one more time for everyone to give some more love and then throw the wreath into the fire and as the wreath burns, visualize all your dreams coming true.

Continue the momentum of the Summer Solstice's good energy for the rest of the night and just embrace that what you wished for is attainable and will be yours soon.

Happy Summer Solstice!