• Elle L Ranallo

Summer Solstice 2021: Time To Step Into Your Leadership Role

Today is the Summer Solstice and we welcome the longest day of the year with open arms. This is my personal favorite Solstice, I love long days, the longer the light lingers the better I feel. There is a reason why Vitamin D is so important.

But it’s not just Vitamin D, it’s the warmth and what the light does for the soul. This time of year, I unconsciously always refocus my attention on my Solar Plexus. My personal favorite chakra. Being in the center of the body, there is a reason why it’s located in the middle of the chakras. Because it’s the one chakra that balances all the other ones. That’s my own personal theory and it actually makes a lot of sense.

This is the time to be yourself- all of yourself. And that is what the Solar Plexus represents, engaging in all your “self’s”. What I mean by that is starting from the Summer Solstice up until the Harvest Equinox is a good time to work on your self- esteem, self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-growth.

And that means putting yourself first. What better time of year to put yourself out there and start living an exhilarating life than during the summer?

Sometimes we need a little nudge to help us feel more comfortable by putting ourselves out there. My own little personal ritual is I gather all my yellow and orange stones and create a sun-shaped grid. It can be any stone and the grid can be any size and it is something that will stay intact till the Harvest Equinox.

Simply start by creating a circle, you can personalize it however you like by adding stones to any part after you make the official circle.

This particular ritual can take place anytime during the summer. No worries, you still have time to collect your stones before you begin and it doesn't have to be perfect.

Summer Solstice Stones:

Citrine- the go to stone for the Solar Plexus. Although it is known for abundance and prosperity, it is a strong empowerment stone that will help with all your “self’s”.

Golden Healer Quartz- the purifying light stone. The golden light brings healing throughout the entire body’s auric field and helps you become more aligned with your higher self.

Orange Calcite- Calcites are the go to chakra healing stones. Naturally, the orange calcite is perfect for stabilizing a well balanced Solar Plexus for it to work in its optimal state.

Honey Calcite- works great side by side with Citrine as its focus is also on the “self’s” with its primary focus being on self-growth and preparing you for your leadership role in life.

Before using, clean your stones thoroughly with sage, palo santo or brown rice. Charge your stones in the sunlight for 20 minutes, let it absorb the summer light and energy and begin to put the stones in a circular shape.

Put it in a place that you know won’t be moved for the rest of the summer. I understand space can be limited for some, whether it’s a sun only comprising 4 or 20 stones, let it work in your favor. Keep it somewhere where it will remain untouched.

When it comes to making sure your stones are working at their fullest potential, set your intention with what you want the stones to do for you.

Here are a couple of intentions to use

I use these stones to give me the courage to be myself

I love myself

I am true to myself

Use anything that resonates with you. In my personal experience the simpler the mantra the easier it is to remember, plus it is more effective. Just a handful of words can be very powerful.

When setting the intention be as centered as possible. I suggest meditating for a few minutes to align with the feeling and emotion of your intention. This can help you to stay focused on emitting what you want to create.

After putting together your summer solstice grid, stay in the feel good energy that you have created and revel in that feeling of what it would feel like if your dreams and goals were achieved.

This could be a good time to write anything in your journal that may come up that you might want to write down and remember for later.

Spend the rest of the day taking a walk in nature, sun bathing, anything that will make you feel good.

Make it a habit to revisit the solstice grid and remember where your intention lies and if you are actively pursuing your intentions everyday.

I hope you enjoy this sacred Summer Solstice ritual as much as I have over the years. It can be a great turning point for change.

Sending love, light and good intentions to you.