• Elle L Ranallo

Libra Full Moon Ritual

Tuesday’s Super Pink Moon in Libra is going to be quite a sight and I’m hoping everyone is going to have a good view from their window to absorb all the loving energy that Libra has to offer.

What’s the best way to celebrate all month long for this gorgeous Libra full moon- you got it, another body scrub. But this one will be one you’re all going to love. With it’s pink nature of Libra making all things pretty and lovely, that’s exactly where this body scrub will transport you to.

Of course, with Libra’s frilly side there is a darker side too, so we will discuss all the introspection opportunities with the light hearted Libra energy coinciding with the mysterious energy of a full moon.

Libra Full Moon Body Scrub:

Pink Himalayan Salt- ½ cup

Finely Grounded Sea Salt- 1 cup

Coconut Oil (Melted) - 1 cup

You can use grapeseed, olive oil, jojoba as well. See which one works for you or better yet what you have hidden in your cabinet.

Rose essential oil- preferably Young Living

Fresh or dried roses or rose petals

1 Rough Rose Quartz (Medium Size) or 2 Tumbled Rose Quartz (Medium Size) fully charged from the full moon

Place the rose quartz out in the moonlight overnight so it’s plenty charged. The Libra moon will be at its peak at 10:35pm. Place it in the salt mixture for 2 days and then remove the stone(s). You don’t want to damage the rose quartz. The healing properties of the stone will reside in the scrub till you use up the scrub for the 30 days. So not to worry.

Since the quarantine, I haven’t prepared well for my upcoming scrubs, so I don’t have the rose petals or rose buds. But if you happen to, please do so by adding them.

This will just smell so delightfully rosy and the color of the himalayan salt is a libra dream come true. Tuberose and all other types of roses are the flower for Libras. Would make sense, Libras just love LOVE and what better flower for them to attain. To gain the full effect, placing roses all over your house or apartment will magnify the full moon energy plus it will make your living space look pretty and smell delicious too. Flowers have a huge impact on our well-beings and emits lots of positive energy.

When mixing the scrub- Be clear on setting your intentions and make sure you are conscious of what you’re looking to obtain by the end of the 30 days.

What to consider for this Libra Full Moon:

Starting Anew: Get a new look. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to do next. Always said you wanted to learn how to wear Youtube vlogger makeup, here’s your chance to watch hours perfecting that non makeup look- guilt free. You could come out of quarantine as a whole new person. Release the old limiting beliefs and come out of hiding as the new you.

Well- being and Wellness: Balance your emotions: Times like this can wreak havoc on our emotions. Being all cooped up in the house, the scales will start to tip. For the Libra sun and and moon signs- I suggest using a little more of the salt scrub to keep your scales balanced. Meditation and yoga will be your best friend during this full moon phase. Once the benefits kick in, you’ll never want to stop even after the quarantine is up. You’re aha moment will be “Why didn’t I do this before?”

Social Connection: Wanting to connect with other people will be at the forefront of this moon. Naturally Libras like to be with other people, but it’s kind of not possible right now. Everyone will have the urge to want to socialize, unfortunately you’ll have to pull the reins on this one for now. Since we’re becoming proficient in Zoom, House Party and Skype- it would be fun to create themed gatherings. For example, a dance party, charades, help people clear out their closets with a few drinks, of course. If you’re inner serial app dater is bursting at the seams, it is a Libra full moon people, what better way to have a video chat date.

My advice to all the non- libras out there is to start acting like a Libra for the next month. Libras are natural manifesters. They always get what they want while staying true to themselves. By the end of your Libra moon scrub it could also be the end of the quarantine- you just never know, everything you’ve always wanted could show up right outside your door.