• Elle L Ranallo

How to Survive Self-Quarantine

This is a hard time for everyone on this planet and being a New Yorker, I just heard that we’re in store for another 2 weeks of lockdown! Woohoo, lucky us! So, there is really no reason not to jump into something new. I kind of suspected it, that we were going to be in this for the longhaul.

But to look on the bright side- here are some ideas to help you get started to keep yourself busy in the meantime.

Be Social- Talk to a friend, if you’re either alone or need to talk to someone else other than the person or people you’re stuck in the house with, it is imperative you talk someone else to help you walk off the ledge. Here are some apps that can help just with that.



Apple Facetime

Google Duo

House Party

Read a book- I love a good personal enrichment book, here are a couple of my faves that everyone should read. Pair these books with the one of the following podcasts and you’re going to be on a roll and starting something new in no time.

How To Be A Badass by Jen Sincero

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Podcasts- There is just so much information to gather from these podcasts- you will be hooked even after the quarantine is all said and done. When it comes to what is holding us back to going after what our soul is craving, it’s always something that we need to dig a little deeper to find out what it is. These podcasters that happen to be at the top of their field, know their shit, and now is a good time to tune in.

The Jim Fortin Podcast- Transform Your Life From The Inside Out

Spiritual Bossbabe with Stephanie Bellinger

Lewis Howes- The School Of Greatness

The Gary Vee audio experience

Decluttering- Oh decluttering you feel so good! My personal decluttering take on are a stack of journals that I have piled on my corner bedroom chair, underneath my night table and on my desk and some more scattered throughout my house. As someone who is a fan of journaling, I specialize in half written journals . I always get duped buying a new journal because it’s so sparkly and new and it’s the right size with the right bendable spine and is always calling my name to buy. So, my job is to go through each one, making sure I don’t leave behind some so-called brilliant idea I wouldn’t want to throw away. This will definitely take some time. Another take-on that always intrigued me was the “Capsule Collection”. It will be a bit challenging I’m sure. Throwing out everything that will not be part of the 33-37 pieces of clothing and accessories that I will continue to rotate throughout the season, might be hard at first, but I think my ADD self will thank me for it in the long run.

Self Care- Self care could range from journaling to creating a skincare regimen. It’s whatever you feel that you never got around to doing that you always wanted to do. For myself, I want to commit to a skincare regimen. Dermarolling, Gua Sha, color light therapy, the whole bit. I will be featuring that journey on my Instagram stories. This will be one that I will enjoy- yay!

Meditate- Meditating will be everyone’s savior at this juncture in all our lives. There a couple of meditation suggestions that you can always find something that will ring true to you. There are some great trance-like meditations on all of them. If you can't afford to join another streaming service, Youtube has got your back with some awesome and lengthy videos for free.

Calm app





Let me know if anyone has any other suggestions of what they’re listening to and reading, open to hearing what you’re doing to keep busy!

Wishing everyone safety and good health during this time, thinking of you all!