• Elle L Ranallo

Full Moon in Aquarius Salt Body Scrub

Full Moon in Aquarius Body Scrub

What to expect during the Aquarius Full Moon

This Full Moon in Aquarius is planning on shaking up your belief system, circumstances, ideals- anything that you may have a strong hold on. This shake up is to see what will surface from the doldrums of your subconscious and what you can hold onto and what you can do without. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

We tend to have the need to control more when things get shaky or unpredictable, but during this full moon it is best that we just let go and see where the chips may fall.

It is usually suggested and advised to let go and release many things that are no longer useful to us during a full moon but this fruit moon is telling us to be still and see what type of divine downloads we may receive from the ethers.

Harnessing the Aquarius energies during this fruitful time will inspire you to look more into spiritual realms and into your unconscious.

Quieting our mind is one way to benefit from the Aquarius Full Moon and just let our minds just take over and give it freedom to let it roam and see what comes in.

Since Aquarians are generally always in their head- what is also known as analysis paralysis...this will be a good exercise for sun sign aquarians and learn to let go of the mind and see what surfaces.

Once we feel that is been keeping us on struggling and not making us feel ourselves, it will be like loosening the shackles and a new found freedom has come into our lives.

Another note to keep in mind is the Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal is an increased cosmic energy that flows between the physical and spiritual realms that occurs every year from August 8th- August 12th. It’s an energy that focuses on shining your divine light. Many predictions have indicated that this particular Lionsgate Portal is super strong and will push us towards ascension and spiritual growth. To learn more about the Lionsgate Portal for 2020, link to article here.

Full Moon Salt body Scrub

Here are the ingredients for the full moon salt body scrub:

Himalayan Salt Scrub - 1 Cup

Coconut Oil - 1/2 Cup

Young Living Grapefruit Oil - 15 to 20 Drops

Dried Lemon Slices- 2 or 3

Glass Container

Writing Journal

Amethyst - place the amethyst outside or near a window facing the moon at peak time for 2 hours. Peak time is Monday August 3rd at 11:59am.

The Amethyst can stay in the salt scrub- I suggest leaving it in for only a couple of days. Once removed, you can add it on your night table or carry it with you to remind you of the intentions that you are working on during this time.

Setting Intentions for the Fruitful Aquarius Full Moon

Work with Amethyst, it is one of the many Aquarius focused stones and ideal for this full moon. Helps tap into your intuition and psychic abilities. Something that is needed during this auspicious time.

We may tend to overthink and get hit with the “analysis paralysis” bug during this time, but it’s a perfect time to get out of our heads and into our hearts and just go with the flow.

This vital time of learning is about ourselves and letting go of what no longer serves us, we should start thinking of what we want and take notice how you feel when you start thinking and visualizing what makes you feel good. Hence, the keyword, feel. For example, a summer sunset, your favorite hobby, hiking up a mountain, etc. Begin your day thinking of what makes you feel good and try to maintain that vibration for the day.

You will be surprised how effective this simple exercise is.

The Full Moon Scrub is ideal to help give you that extra pep to removing what needs to be removed during a full moon cycle. Use it every other day and visualize all those pesky habits and thought patterns that are irrelevant right down the drain.

When it comes to any full moon, I always suggest journaling what immediately comes to mind, something not to think too much about. Once you start everything that you’ve had on your mind- consciously or unconsciously- it will all start just pouring out of you.

This will be a powerful energy shift- focus on honing in all that energy during this highly influential time.