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Flower Full Moon Body Scrub

Scorpio Full Moon 2020 Salt Body Scrub

Welcome the beautiful flower super moon! The May full moon is as you know now, the Flower Super Moon. The time of year, when all flowers have officially bloomed and what better full moon to celebrate than this one. So much creation, color and nature is all around us.

This flower moon is residing in Scorpio this month and that means deep feelings will come to the surface and now is the time to act on it, full moon and all. It is especially forceful for Scorpios but everyone will feel the ripple effect of this provocative water sign.

Scorpios are known to be determined, ambitious and loyal. While the not so great qualities are what most people associate the ol’ stinger with: secretive, jealous and calculating.

With the full moon in mind, some of these traits might be bubbling at the surface waiting to be dealt with head on. And everyone has something they need to work on. Thankfully this full moon in Scorpio leaves no one behind in that department, whether you want to deal with it or not. Take this introspective opportunity to release and let go of the burden or many burdens we have held on so tightly.

Flower Moon Salt Body Scrub Recipe:

Sea Salt- 1 cup

Scorpio Full Moon 2020 Salt Body Scrub

Himalayan Salt - ½ cup

Coconut Oil- 1 cup

Young Living Awaken Essential Oil- 15 to 20 drops

Place your newly charged Citrine stone

The Awaken essential oil is perfect for this month’s salt body scrub. Filled with Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Chamomile, Rose and Blue Tansy. All the floral scents to invigorate this super flower moon.

This will help stimulate that awakening that Scorpio could always benefit from. For example, the phoenix rising from the ashes is a term that is associated for Scorpios. And this will be a great full moon for Scorpio Sun and Scorpio moon signs to leave what is meant to be left behind and hit the pavement running forward.

Citrine Stone is the chosen crystal for this full moon because it is not only an abundance stone, that so many associate this stone with, but it also has an overwhelming energy to provide the clear focus and determination to go after your dreams.

In your journal write down the intention of how you will be utilizing this full moon- what will you release from the past, what will you manifest for the near future and what you can do now to initiate the process.

The full moon on Thursday May 7th peaks at 6:45am

When you wake up place the Citrine outside for a couple of hours, no more, since Citrine is light, the sun will oxidize the stone. Keep out no longer than 2 hours. Place it in your salt scrub mixture and it is ready to be used.

I suggest using the scrub every other day till the next full moon and see how the intention you created has manifested.

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