• Elle L Ranallo

Creating a Mood Board for Spring 2021

It’s that time of year again, oh yes, does Spring Cleaning come to mind? We have been patiently waiting for Spring in the year 2021. And what better way to celebrate than by making a vision board! First and foremost, the goal is to intentionally manifest and embody all the good vibes to help move us forward to attaining our goals and desires.

First thing is first...

Grab all the materials that are needed such as all those Conde Nast Traveler subscriptions you have stacking up in the corner of your living room and any semblance of anything that you’re looking to attract for the near and far future.

Place the cut out images on the poster board, while placing the images on the board, feel really good and consumed with joy. Energy and frequency is what is necessary for you to accomplish what you're looking to accomplish.

Sage the area or the room where you’re working on the vision board. Best to start with a clean slate and not have to deal with any unneeded lingering energies.

After setting up your vision board, grab the following stones to magnify the power of the vision board for it to come to life.

I would suggest to position it somewhere that you’ll be able to see when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed, these are the times when the mind is in a hypnosis state and will send the direct message of goals and desires to your subconscious.

With the power of visualizing and the list of healing properties from the stones, you still have to do your part in all of this. Be conscious with how you’re feeling. The images that you posted on your vision board, should only embody feelings of joy and happiness.

Looking at the vision board for 15 minutes a day 3x a day can certainly attract what you’re looking to obtain with being consistent with experiencing the same joyful feelings and energy. Maybe a little difficult for you to do? Think of a time where you felt really happy and content with something positive that occurred in your life. Remember that feeling and use it when you’re looking at your vision board.

Fire Quartz- Manifesting your dreams, acquiring prosperity, increasing positivity and joy. Sometimes you just need that extra push to get what you want, like when you’re not feeling so hot and you’re not in the mood to even think of pushing ahead with your dreams, Fire Quartz is here to save the day. Keep this stone nearby your vision board and meditate with it and you will feel the never ending supply of manifestation power while sustaining the positivity and joy that will be coming out of your pores.

Citrine Cluster- Increases your self-esteem and confidence, increases ease of communication, helps you to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity. When we have such strong hopes and desires for ourselves we sometimes tend to forget the person we need to be in order to attain these hopes and desires. When it doesn’t come so naturally for us, we have to look inward and think what it may be that’s preventing us from going where we are meant to be going. Self confidence and self worth are two very important self words that should be at the top of our list when it comes to how we feel about ourselves. Once you get your “selves” in order, watch everything begin to flow right to you. Citrine is the go to mineral that will help you with this area in life. Your main go to stone for everything, this should be near you at all times.

Orange Calcite- Increases motivation, slows down an overworked mind to improve focus, enhances creativity. Orange Calcite increases motivation when you need it most. Most of us are all moonlighting our life purpose careers, while we work full time jobs during the normal hours of the week. The last thing you want to do is go home and do more work. This is the hard work that is necessary in order to be singing your freedom when it’s all up and fully functioning. Orange Calcite will help you stay focused on getting your life purpose off the ground without the necessary mundane distractions (AKA your day job)

Part of having an awesome vision board are the visuals that are key. When you go through all the magazines and pinterest boards, there can be lots to choose from, but I suggest taking your time to look through everything and only choose the pictures and words that ignite an amazing feeling inside of you.

For one person it can be a sunset in the Turks and Caicos, for another it can be skiing the swiss alps and for the next person it could be living in a tree house in the middle of Washington state.


Sometimes these kinds of activities people tend to overthink, it’s all about just feeling it, baby. It’s that simple. Feel it out and if it feels good, that is your soul speaking. And the closer you get to your soul and understand your soul, then you will know what your life purpose is.