• Elle L Ranallo

Autumn Equinox: Abundance and Manifestation with Crystals and Meditations

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The Autumn Equinox represents the most abundant time of year. During these Fall times it’s all about harvesting and reaping the abundance that you’ve sowed.

An amazing time of year to really get into the power of manifestation and start attracting what your heart desires.

The best way to begin manifesting what you want is to remove what you no longer want. It is a time for decluttering! Mentally and physically. Clutter, any type of it, can hold you back and make you feel stuck in your situation and it blocks what you’re trying to manifest coming into your life.

Meditation Ideas

Get yourself comfortable, light an aromatic Fall candle that hits your senses. Anything apple, cinnamon and pumpkin will get you in the Fall mood.

Start just feeling really good, let the feeling of a happy memory consume you and start to visualize what you want for yourself.

Feeling is the most important part of manifesting, it doesn’t just stop at visualizing.

Begin to journal your dreams and your feelings and anything that pops up in your mind. These are messages that your higher self is trying to deliver to you on taking the necessary next steps.

Gratitude is the key to abundance. Appreciate and give gratitude to the abundance around you. When you’re drinking your pumpkin spice latte, give gratitude to the pumpkin, when you’re eating a butternut squash soup give gratitude to the butternut, apple pie and anything that has brought in a healthy crop of sustenance.

Abundance Stones

Rose quartz- This crystal is generally used for the heart chakra and anything related to relationships. Everything is connected, and although you may think that you don’t deserve abundance, love can also be involved in the package of abundance. Rose Quartz can help break down the walls around the heart to start attracting and receiving what you want.

Emerald- This stone is also focused on the heart chakra and works hand in hand with rose quartz. Emerald helps break the walls down and remind you that you’re worthy to have what you want.

Citrine- Citrine is primarily used for the Solar Plexus. Encourages self confidence and self worth to remind you that to love yourself. The more you love yourself the more you will reap the abundance rewards.

Selenite- Selenite helps balance all the energies in the body’s auric field. Swipe a selenite wand whenever you feel negative thoughts and feelings, so that you can return working on a clean slate.

Clear quartz- This is the universal amplifier. Add clear quartz to any stone and it will magnify its healing properties.

Autumn Equinox X Manifestation Exercise

Making a pumpkin or apple pie is a great activity to immerse into the Fall season. What better way to celebrate the beautiful colors and abundance of food than making a pie!

While adding the ingredients, visualize that you’re planting seeds, sowing what you would soon like to reap. Feel what you’re aspiring for, is connected to your soul, and let that feeling consume you.

When the pie is done take in the creation you made and feel super happy with what you made and how it looks now from when you first started. As you’re taking every bite of the freshly baked pie, feel the gratitude. Be grateful. Visualize all the rewards that you’re reaping from what you sowed.

This exercise can be effective when you set the intention with feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

Let us know what works for you when it comes to manifesting and law of attraction!